Milonas Transportation has the vision of a modern company that can meet high-demand services regarding national and international transports. Therefore, the company has a large vehicle fleet paired with fully-trained staff.

The transportation of liquid chemicals and ADR cargo is being done with the use of certified tanker vehicles that can hold 30.000 to 33.000 liters. These tankers also have internal insulation which ensures that all cargo is being maintained at safe temperatures. In addition, some of the tanker vehicles owned by the company are split into three different compartments, allowing them to carry and transport different products, while Milonas Transportation also owns one-piece tanker vehicles with one compartment.

The company also owns tanker vehicles with autonomous heating.

Milonas Transportation offers the transportation of liquid foods, using tanker vehicles that are ATP and ADR certified, allowing them to transport alcohol and alcoholic drinks.

The company also uses its vehicle fleet to transport lubricants and complete marine deliveries at all ships in all Greek and European ports.

Dry Cargo Transportation
Transportation – Distribution – Storage as well as loading and unloading of dry cargo (marble, iron cargo, etc.) in all Attica inland, and mainly at the Port of Lavrio.
Milonas Transportation owns vehicles with pumps used for the loading of cargo, as well as compressors for unloading under pressure.
Safety and Security
Milonas Transportation ensures the safety and security of the products transported by its vehicles. All vehicles of the company have a GPS tracker installed and are constantly monitored, whether they are in Greece or abroad.

The company offers Cargo Safety.